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Journal:   JOURNAL OF RESISTANCE LITERATURE (SCOLARY RESEARCH)   spring-summer 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 18 ; Page(s) 287 To 308.

Themes of literature, in poetry stability in (ahovane pir) poetry of(bahman saki)

Author(s):  kazemi davoodreza*, MORADKHANI SAFIEH
After the end of the Iraqi imposed war against Iran, Sacred Defense poetry into a new phase of his life, the poet of the period to take a more realistic war began, one of the poets of the period Masrkhvzstan poem "February Saki", he published the first collection of poetry "The old gazelles" as a poet in the field of literature the literary community stability introduced after the war, this research, first by descriptive analytic, literary themes stability "gazelles old" detected, then the analysis of the use them in different areas of his personality in literature to introduce sustainability. Studies and analyzes show that diverse literary themes of sustainability in office "old gazelles" are: triple expectation, hope and idealism, triple Ashura, Jihad and martyrdom; Jamandn long convoy of martyrs, condemned the remembrance of the martyrs, to draw the consequences of space and expression inevitable and horrible war; Jngstyzy (anti-war and the factors leading to it); protest, worry and anxiety from the chaotic world, to protest against the shortcomings of modern life (urbanization), concerned with awakening and resistance, mysticism and stability in the war; stability mystical love, stability fight passion; stability in the care of thinking and behavior, using expressions and mystical terms. Percent indicate that the use of themes: Feb Saki in terms of sustainability literature is the first poet of universal human attitudes and religious views religious poet in the second and third time and the fourth poet mystic poet with preoccupations with interests National Native
Keyword(s): Literature stability,ahovane pir,bahman saki
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