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Journal:   JOURNAL OF RESISTANCE LITERATURE (SCOLARY RESEARCH)   spring-summer 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 18 ; Page(s) 149 To 172.

Acknowledgment and stability of Palestinian at poems' Tamim Barghousy

Author(s):  zoodranj sedigheh*, kochakiniat zahra
Resistance Literature was started to return to self-control since 60mid of 20th century to present time. Therefore, the liberation of Palestine and Ghods as well as the resistance stream against occupation is one of the ideals and foundations of Islamic acknowledgment movement. Tamim Barghousy is so thoughtful and conscious poet, also educated politician who reserved his status throughout Palestinian resistance poetry due to composing the brilliant Qsayds as "Fi-al-Ghods" and the other ones that has been called "Ghods" poet. At this paper, addition to introducing him and studying his literary stability against occupying regime, we try to study how to emerge elements of resistance and acknowledgment at his poetry in order to be interpreted the situation of the powerful poet within Palestinian resistance poetry, induction of stability and awaking of Islamic campaigner communities. The results show that Barghousy can draw elements of stability and acknowledgment in his poetries by describing the details deeply, utilizing the partial imaginations, using of intertextual Qurainc and narrative and by proposing the items such as Ghods and its background, honorable Hadith Kasa as solidarity factors. He, also, introduces continuing the struggle and stability as the solution against occupiers so as to bring the awaking and knowledge for his audiences, especially combatant Muslims.
Keyword(s): Tamim Barghousy,Resistance literature,acknowledgment,Palestinian resistance poetry,Ghods
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