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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ANIMAL BIOLOGY   winter 2019 , Volume 11 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 23 To 34.

The Effect of Cornus mas Extract on the Wound Healing of the Diabetic Male Wistar Rats

Author(s):  Alhooei Nazari S., SHIRAVI A., HOJATI V.
Diabetes is one of the reasons for delayed wound healing; as the fruit of blueberries, Cornus mas, possesses high content of antioxidants, therefore, this study aims to investigate the extract of this fruit on wound healing in a male rat of Wistar strain affected by diabetes. In this study, 48 male rats of Wistar strain were divided into 4 groups of 12. After affecting these groups to diabetes (except control group), there was created a wound at the back of the rat in all 4 groups; the length of the wounds in the groups were investigated up to 21 days; (1) control group: with no blueberries extract and ocerin treated on their wounds, called as healthy group; (2) Shem Group: they include a group of diabetics rats who were treated by ocerin (twice per day); (3) Experimental Group 1: they included a group of diabetics rats who received no ocerin and extract; (4) Experimental Group 2: they include the diabetics group who treated by the ointment of blueberries extract (twice a day). Results of comparing the mean of wounds length in the investigated groups indicate that the experimental group 2 had significant reduction up to p ≤ 0. 01 than Shem and experimental1 groups. By reducing the blood glucose and modifying some biochemical factors, blueberries makes treatment effect on diabetes. According to the results of this study, blueberries ointment may accelerate skin wound healing in the healthy and diabetic samples.
Keyword(s): Blueberries,Diabetes,Rat,Wound,Skin
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