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Journal:   BIANUUAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF IRAN LOCAL HISTORIES   fall 2016-winter 2017 , Volume 5 , Number 1 (9) ; Page(s) 145 To 164.

A Study of the Economic and Social Effects of the U. K. C. C. Transportation Company on Khorasan Province in World War II

* History Department, Birjand University
The allies attacked Iran in Shahrivar 1320 and one of the Key measures of Russia and the UK was taking over the heavy trucks which were being used in Iran transportation system in order to get benefit from them in line with their military purposes. Britain first established the Apatz Company for the transportation from India to Khorasan. But when they failed to achieve their goal, the allies, with the collaboration of the U. S. A., came to the agreement the Apatz Company to be replaced by the U. K. Export and Import Union which was called in Persian U. K. C. C. This transportation company had a key role in transferring military weapons and necessities to Russia, but at the same time, this task remained its various economic and social effects. Since a branch of the transportation route used by the allies was passing through Khorasan province, its effects on the people’ s life of Khorasan, from various aspects, was obvious. Taking over the heavy duty trucks, road construction, performing economic activities, transportation by loading, smuggling the goods, employing drivers, heavy truck ownership as well as social activities such as transferring the war hostages, were among the U. K. most significant branch activities which had social and economic effects. The present paper attempts to provide a vast review of these effects and the influence of the U. K. C. C. transportation company on Khorasan province during World War II. The most important issues that the current study deals with are the reasons of the activities of the U. K. C. C. Company in Khorasan province, the areas of its activities and various dimensions of its effects. The present study has been carried out through utilizing analytic-descriptive method and based on the historical documents, field study, and interviewing about the U. K. C. C. Transportation Company in Khorasan. The current research demonstrates that the U. K. C. C. Transportation Company, in addition to the main area of its activities, has been effective in numerous economic and social fields, including drivers living, the dangers of driving, difficulties of transportation and economic activity.
Keyword(s): U.K.C.C.,World War II,Khorasan,economic effects
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