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Journal:   BIANUUAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF IRAN LOCAL HISTORIES   fall 2016-winter 2017 , Volume 5 , Number 1 (9) ; Page(s) 115 To 128.

States Campaign Against Anti-tribal Policies of Reza Shah Relying on the Beyranvand Tribe of Lorestan

Author(s):  kornokar Soraya*, KAZEMI ZARIFEH
Reza Shah came to throne in Iran when the government of Iran was faced with the political and military weakness and also was the plaything of the powers of the north and south of the country, namely Russia and Britain. The tribes in the region had its own power and influence. Reza Khan, since the establishment of the Ministry of War, was aware of these issues and attempted for the formation of a strong central rule. To create such a condition, he inevitably decreased state power. This issue was coincidence with the implementation of the disarmament, suppression, intimidation, exile and Takhteh Qapu of the rebel states. But since the obedience to such decrees was difficult for the tribes, they began to revolt against the time government. Among these tribes, was the Beyranvand tribe of Lorestan who had a key role in the riots against the government of the Qajar and Pahlavi. to achieve his goals, Reza Shah devoted a lot of time to suppress the tribe. Finally, they have no choice but to capitulate to the demands of the government. This cross-sectional study, through a descriptive-analytic approach, intends to examines how the anti-tribal policies of Reza Shah and tribal struggles of Lorestan, particularly the Beyranvand tribe, deal with the government officers.
Keyword(s): Lorestan,Reza Shah,tribes,the Beyranvand tribe,security
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