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Journal:   JOURNAL OF RESISTANCE LITERATURE (SCOLARY RESEARCH)   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 10 , Number 19 ; Page(s) 27 To 49.

The Reflection of the Culture and Literature of Sacred Defense in the Poetry of Women in Khuzistan: A Case Study of Poems by Parvaneh Nejati, A fsaneh Nojoumi, and Roghayeh Mafakheri

Author(s):  Jafari Qariyeh Ali Hamid*, Pourgholamali Mohammadmehdi, Amir Omol Kaeb
* Valiasr University of rafsanjan
The Sacred Defense literature reflects pains, injuries and bravery of people in Iran during the 2-year war. Khuzistan has always been home to great poets who, influenced by war, unconsciously incorporated courageous acts of national fighters into their works to encourage people to partake in battlefields, and to reflect people’ s lifestyle during the war. The present study investigates the poetry of Parvaneh Nejati, Afsaneh Nojomi, and Roqayeh Mafakheri in terms of language, form and content with an eye to the themes of the Sacred Defense. The aim of this study is to provide insights into the poetry of these female figures by performing a form and content analysis and reflecting emotional responses to the Sacred Defense in their works. Results indicate that Parvaneh Nejati adheres vehemently to the ideology and language of the war and provides a realistic representation of its events, which makes the interpretation of her poems seem acceptable. On the other hand, linguistic stylistics, expressive rhetoric and successful imagery in the poetry of Afsaneh Nojoumi give a peculiar identity to her works. Finally, the study shows that Roghayeg Mafakheri emphasizes on resistance against foreign invasion and glorification of national independence as valuable achievements of the Sacred Defense.
Keyword(s): Sacred Defense,Khuzistan Province,Parvaneh Nejati,Afsaneh Nojoumi,Roghayeh Mafakheri
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