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Journal:   RESEARCH IN CONTEMPORARY WORD LITERATURE (PAZHUHESH-E ZABANHA-YE KHAREJI)   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 23 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 303 To 327.

Reflection of the chaste love in Two stories "mam and zin" and "Sham and Wali Dewana"

Author(s):  barwasi esmaeil*, hasanzadeh khosrow
* ferdowsi university, Mashhad, Iran
"mam and zin" and “ Sham and Wali Dewana “ in Kurdish literature are of the most famous love stories which both portray a chaste love full of sorrow and failure. The stories are similar and share much in many aspects, and an independent comparative study of the two romantic stories has not been conducted; hence, the author of the present article intends to investigate these two stories adopting a descriptive-analytic approach. In “ Wali Dewana and Sham” , love stems from childhood and school lessons; and in “ Mam and Zin” , love starts in adolescence; the enthralled lovers endeavor to marry, and in this way seeks assistance from friends and relatives, but there exist obstacles and inhibiting factors causing the failure of two lovers and their ever increasing mania and devotion which portrays their lasting despair and disappointment in the stories. Adherence to chastity and fidelity to the beloved until the moment of death and the hope for reunion in the Hereafter are the features of chaste love which is manifested in both stories.
Keyword(s): kurdish literature,mam and zin,Sham and Wali Dewana,chaste love,Comparative literature
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