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Journal:   PAZHOHESH-HA-YE BASTANSHENASI IRAN   fall 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 18 ; Page(s) 157 To 174.

Re-thinking About the Construction Periodization of the Jameh Mosque of Yazd Based on the Written Documents and Archaeological Data (From the Beginning to the 6th Century AH)

Author(s):  ZAREI MOHAMMAD EBRAHIM, mirdehghan seyed fazlollah, azizi bandarabadi hamid, kazem nezhand aasl ebrahim
Yazd Jameh Mosque is one of the most important historical buildings of the country. The local texts of Yazd refer to the formation of this mosque during different periods, that some sections are completed or added to which in each period. Maxime Siroux is one of the first individuals carried out a comprehensive research on this building. He presents four periods for formation of the first mosque building that contradicts the statements of archaeological texts and data. Therefore, this research attempts to review the historical period of construction of this building. In order to achieve this purpose, library studies and collection of the historical information, especially from the local texts were addressed and then the data resulted from the archaeological excavations were analyzed along with historical texts. The most important questions are: 1. Is it possible to prove the presence of a fire temple in the mosque place? 2. Given the available data, which period the Yazd Jameh Mosque returns to? The results of archaeological excavations show that there is no evidence that there has been a fire temple in the basement of building of the Jameh mosque of Yazd; three construction periods can also be considered for this building; In the first period, Aladdoleh Kalanjar tried to build a mosque that is mentioned in the Yazd texts as the both ancient (Atiq) mosque and the old mosque. In the second period, Aladdoleh Garshasb added some extensions to the mosque constructed by Aladdoleh; this led him to be introduced as one of the constructors in the local texts. In the third part, a condominium for girls was built alongside the old or the ancient mosque, and the constructors also built a monument next to which for their burial, which is also available today.
Keyword(s): Jameh Mosque of Yazd,The Mosque Dateline,Local Texts and Resources,Archeological Evidences,Poetry
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