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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS   January-February 2018 , Volume 33 , Number 6 (86) ; Page(s) 941 To 949.

Essential oil content and composition of eight cultivated accessions of Anthemis haussknechtii Boiss. & Reut

Author(s):  Keneshloo F., SEFIDKON F.*, KENESHLOO H., ALIZADEH M.A.
* Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands, Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Tehran, Iran
In order to study the essential oil content and composition of different accessions of Anthemis haussknechtii Boiss. & Reut, the seeds were collected from Kordestan, west Azarbaijan, Ilam and Fars provinces and sown at Alborz research station during 2013-2014. In the flowering stage, the flowering shoots were harvested and air died. The essential oil was obtained by hydro-distillation method and analyzed and identified by GC and GC/MS. Results showed that the essential oil yield of Piranshar and Darehshahr was 0. 2% and 0. 03%, respectively. Twenty eight components were identified in eight accessions and differed in number, type and percentage. The main components of essential oils were spathulenol in Darehshahr, Ghorveh, Divandareh2, Ivan, Piranshahr and Sanandaj (19. 1, 18. 1, 16. 2, 14. 5, 13. 8 and 12. 2 percent, respectively), caryophyllen oxide in Darehshahr, Ghorveh, Divandareh2, Fars and Divandareh1 (20. 5, 13. 2, 12. 9, 12. 4 and 12. 2 percent, respectively) and globulol in Ivan, Divandareh2 and Ghorveh (12. 0, 11. 5 and 11. 2 percent, respectively). Cluster analysis showed that eight essential oils of different populations were classified into three categories including Piranshahr-Fars, Ghorveh-Darehshahr and others. According to the results, to obtain some high-percentage components, it is essential to extract the essential oil from a specific population.
Keyword(s): Anthemis haussknechtii Boiss.& Reut,accessions,essential oil,flowering shoots
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