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Journal:   BIANUUAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF IRAN LOCAL HISTORIES   fall 2016-winter 2017 , Volume 5 , Number 1 (9) ; Page(s) 42 To 64.

A Study of the Agricutural Status of Khorasan and Transoxiana During the Timurid Era

Author(s):  Farahnaki Shahram*, Norouzi Jamshid, Khosrobeigi Houshang, YOUSEFIFAR SHAHRAM
* Payam e Noor University
The present paper examines some aspects of Khorasan and Transoxiana agricultural situation. This study includes the time period between the rise of the Timurid reign and the end of sultan Husayn Bayqara’ s rule. The issue which is explored in the current study is the degree of the influence the political changes of the Timurid era had on the agricultural developments of Khorasan province and Transoxiana. This study, through application of descriptive-analytic approach and based on the data extracted from the existing sources, explores the issue under investigation. The present research demonstrates that various aspects of the agricultural situation of Khorasan and Transoxiana have been influenced by the political developments of the Timurid empire. To encourage the improvement of the areas along with the performance of lands re-cultivation projects in various regions, establishment or rebuilding of the irrigation networks and the performance of the efficient management in landownership rules and regulations of the region are among the said effects. To apply practical techniques in cultivation and gardening caused the promotion in producing farming and gardening products. Despite this promotion, due to some political and social developments and taking unreal taxes in that period of time, the farmers’ living status has been reported in a poverty level.
Keyword(s): The Timurids,Khorasan and Transoxiana,agriculture,gardening
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