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Journal:   BIANUUAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF IRAN LOCAL HISTORIES   fall 2016-winter 2017 , Volume 5 , Number 1 (9) ; Page(s) 5 To 22.

Large Landlords Encounter with the first stage of Land Reform in Kurdistan (Iran)

* Shahid Beheshti University
The first stage of land reform program only included major landowners. However, it had common aims at the country, but it is encountered different reactions in various areas. Landowners upon their facilities and conditions did different proceeds to prevent implementation of land reform and oppose state policies. In this research, the problem is how did large landowners face the articles of land reform law and why were there contradictions between their reactions in various parts of this region? To answer these questions, the present study, has utilized descriptive and explanatory methods. Based on the research conclusions, because of the tribal structure domination and nomadic correlation, the activities of Left Parties and influence of the nationalism ideas of the northern and western areas of the provinces such as Saqqez, Bā neh, Marivā n and Divā ndareh, there must have been stronger opposition to land reform and government than other parts.
Keyword(s): Land Reform,Kurdistan,major landowners,Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI),The Kurdish Nationalism Ideas
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