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Journal:   PAZHOHESH-HA-YE BASTANSHENASI IRAN   winter 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 19 ; Page(s) 47 To 66.

Critics and Analysis of Periodization and Chronology of the Central Iranian Plateau With Emphasis on the 4th Millennium B. C.

The assemblages of archaeological sites is the matter of the greatest importance in the spatiotemporal divisions, so any error in identifying the internal patterns of those, will be a direct reflection on their comprehensive archaeological analysis. The prehistoric chronology and periodization of the Iranian Central Plateau generally have based on tepe Sialk’ s, more than eighty years chronology. According to it, the fourth millennium B. C. includes the sub-periods of Sialk III4-5, Sialk III6-7b, Sialk IV1, and parts of Sialk IV2. The way in which these sub-periods are distinguished and differentiated have always been unclear and very generalized. While the sialk periodizatiom was based on architectural strata, its comparative studies have all been based on ceramic styles led to many errors in the process of inter-regional transformations and their chronological recognition. Most of these problems seem to be caused by insufficient attention to evidence of short-term events in archaeological studies. The results of recent studies in Meymanatabad has indicated the inability of such a generalized division, due to the lack of attention to the short-term cultural events and the inflexible normative perception of the concept of culture. This, despite the fact that over the past century, due to the great changes in the definition of the concept of cultural change and its various stages chronology and periodization, archaeological studies in the interests of the inter-regional and site distinctions and short-term criteria endorsement, passed over the old rigid normative and generalized definitions of culture. Continued studies of excavations such as tepe Meymoon-abad in Robat-karim, presenting sufficient evidence of such that errors, which emphasize on the necessity of review the Iranian central plateau prehistoric periods old studies and their divisions. Therefore, this paper in addition to the fluidity of spatiotemporal dimensions of cultural boundaries emphasized to the recognition and differentiation of cultural processes in short-term divisions.
Keyword(s): Periodization,Chronology,Central Plateau,Sialk,MeymanatAbad
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