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Journal:   JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL STUDIES OF ISLAM   spring 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 36 ; Page(s) 133 To 159.

Review of Ayatollah Seyyed Abul Hasan Isfahani`s Positions Regarding the Second Article of Amendment to the Constitution Adopted during Iranian Constitutional Revolution

Author(s):  MOLLAEI TAVANI ALIREZA, Beygizade Marzieh*
* Research Institute of Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution
After the approval of the Second Amendment of the Constitution in the First Parliament and incomplete implementation of it in the Second Parliament, practically, following up to its implementation in later rounds of Parliament failed. One of the reasons for such a failure was “ not introducing twenty of qualified scholars by the Marjaʿ ” . Ayatollah Seyyed Abul Hasan Isfahani was one such marjaʿ that during his life showed different reactions to the second clause. Now the question is why Ayatollah Seyyed Abul Hasan Isfahani, only once and at the request of the “ Islamic Homeland Movement” , introduced qualified scholars required by the second caluse of that Amendment, and refrained from this in later periods. What were the effective factors on his positions in the implementation of the second clause? Ambiguities in this regard require further investigation. Using primary sources and researches and relying on a descriptive– analytic approach, this paper aims to evaluate the Ayatollah Seyyed Abul Hasan Isfahani`s reactions in this regrad. Finally, the paper concludes that Ayatollah Seyyed Abul Hasan Isfahani, due to the issues and circumistances after the second amendment until Reza Shah came to power and the events thereafter, had no belief in active involvement in politics and with foresight, knew that the implementation of such clause is not practical at that time, therefore refused to pursue that issue.
Keyword(s): The second clause of Amendment,leading scholars,Najaf Hawzah,Esfahan school of theology
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