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Journal:   KNOWLEDGE & RESEARCH IN APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY   spring 2019 , Volume 20 , Number 1 (75) ; Page(s) 61 To 70.

The effectiveness of life skills training on the psychological hardiness and spiritual well-beingof high school female students

* Payam Noor University, Qazvin, Iran
This research sheds light on the effectiveness of life skills training on psychological hardiness and spiritual well-beingof high school girl students. The statistical population of this study was 2nd grade high school female students (12th district of Tehran) of 95-96. 90 students were selected using cluster sampling method and responded to Kobasa's(1979) Psychological Hardiness Questionnaire and Pulotzin and Ellison's (1982) Spiritual Well-being Questionnaire. 24 students who scored lower in these questionnaires were selected and randomly assigned to the experimental and control group. The experimental group was trained in 8 sessions of 90 minutes. The research design was a semi-experimental design with pre-test-post-test with control group. By finishing the experimental plan, a post test was taken from two groups and was followed after two months. The results of analysis of covariance showed that life skills training increases psychological hardiness (p<0/001)and spiritual well-being (p<0/001)‚ of high school girl students. Following up the grades ofexperimentalgroup after two months indicated sustainment of intervention effect on both groups.
Keyword(s): life skills,psychological hardiness,spiritual well-being,secondary school female students
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