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Journal:   PAZHUHISHNAMEH TARIKH TAMADDON ISLAMI (MAQALAT WA BARRASIHA)   fall 2017-winter 2018 , Volume 50 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 209 To 231.

Political, Cultural and Social Heritage of Nasser al-Dorouch in Dylan, Gilan and Tabarestan

Author(s):  Alizadeh Rajab Ali, BAYAT ALI, Majd Mostafa, Rajaei Abd Allah
The presence of the Alawis in the north of Iran and the spread of their thoughts has had a profound influence on the regions. The present study will provide a descriptive analysis of the socio-political heritage of Nā sir al-Utrū sh and the effect of his activities during his settlement in the very regions. Through the promotion of Shia political doctrines, Nā sir al-Haqq restored the political authority of the Alawis. He emphasized on the significance of cherishing human dignity in political ethics, tolerance with the opponents, forgiveness of the wrongdoers, and mercy toward the subordinate. He considered social unity as an important factor in achieving his highest aspirations. His jurisprudential instructions implied the attempts to accord Zaidi jurisprudence with Imami Jurisprudence. He was also the founder of the first madrasa for Islamic instructions, and had the most effective role in converting the people of the regions to Islam.
Keyword(s): Iran,Alevis,Nā,sir al-Haqq,Tabaristan,Gilan,Deylaman,Zaidi
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