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Journal:   PAZHUHISHNAMEH TARIKH TAMADDON ISLAMI (MAQALAT WA BARRASIHA)   fall 2017-winter 2018 , Volume 50 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 183 To 208.

Sign of Lion in Mamlū kid heraldry system

Author(s):  Zaylabi Negar, MOOSAVI SEYYED JAMAL, sheykh ahmadi Baian
One of the most famous visual manifestations of Mamlukid administration system is the symbolic use of motifs of animals, plants and everyday life tools as heraldry signs (rank; pl. Runuk) in various forms, among which the symbol of lion was used widely for the sultans, emirs and high rank officials. Historical evidences, conceptual framework, cultural context and developments of such uses of symbol of lion in Mamlukid heraldry system are investigated in the present article. The author also suggests that it may be possible (or at least it is worth for studying) that some of uses of this symbol could be based on supposed talismanic power of this ancient symbol.
Keyword(s): Visual sign,Rank,Mamlū,kids,Lion
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