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Journal:   RESEARCH JOURNAL OF ISLAMIC HISTORY   winter 2018 , Volume 7 , Number 28 ; Page(s) 45 To 69.

Reasons and conditions of Sadat's immigration to Iran; by emphasizing on Khorasan region

Author(s):  rezaei borjaki esmaeil, RAZAVI SEYED ABOLFAZL, MOUSAVI SEYED JAMAL
Immigration and settlement of Sadat in different parts of Muslim world have been arisen from various political, economic, and social factors and have been occurred in different forms. This process has continued through a long period in Khorasan. It began with the arrival of political activists with different purposes such as insurrection or asylum, and went on with the arbitrary immigration of groups and individuals who sought social and economic benefits. A considerable extent of various narratives and accounts presented to report and explain this process are far from reality. Existing data show that the most important reasons for the initiation of immigrations to Khorasan and other parts of Iran have been the difficult political conditions and social deprivation of Al e AbI Talib in their homeland (Hejaz and Iraq) on the one hand, and the partisanship atmosphere of the Prophet's household in the destination (Khorasan) on the other hand. Moreover, the economic and social conditions of Khorasan and the political occurrences in surrounding lands, particularly the dominance of Alavids in Tabaristan, promoted the continuance of these immigrations.
Keyword(s): Khorasan,Alavids,Seyyeds,immigration of Seyyeds,social history of Khorasan
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