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Journal:   RESEARCH JOURNAL OF ISLAMIC HISTORY   spring 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 29 ; Page(s) 53 To 74.

Geographic landscape and Its Usage in Historical Studies

Author(s):  Divsalar Mehrdad*, RAHNAMAEI MOHAMMAD TAGHI, Farajiha mohammad Hussein, MAHMOUDPOUR MOHAMMAD
From the early 20th century, relying on consistency of geography and history, the science of Historical Geography became subject to attention in the field of historical studies, and different theoretical schools emerged to focus on the type of attitude towards it. Geographic landscape is one of the relatively new study areas in historical geography that examines changes of the nature in a definite historical period with the approach of human and historical impact on geography. This research is necessary because historical geography in Iran has been reduced to historical study of geographical locations, and the study of the historical milestones of regions and the factors influencing the evolution of human settlements, as well as the exact geographical division of a region or city based on the fundamental changes due to the element of human activity, have been neglected. Therefore, the present study is aimed at explaining the Geographic landscape, and additionally, clarifying its methodology and its application in historical studies through expressing the influence and manipulation of human being on the nature and Geographic landscape and comparing it to the earlier ages.
Keyword(s): Historical Geography,Geographic Perspective,Methodology of Historical Geography,Application of History in Geography
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