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Journal:   JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL STUDIES OF ISLAM   fall 2017 , Volume 9 , Number 34 ; Page(s) 131 To 160.

The Role of Governors of Imam Ali in Economic Security

Author(s):  Golmakani Vajihe*, VAKILI HADI, NAZEMIANFARD ALI
The government of Imam Ali as a lasting example of desirable economic system in the Islamic history will provide appropriate approaches for today’ s economic mangers. Economic security as one of the main objectives of the economic system of Islam is also considered as one of the main functions of governments, and it’ s most important indicator is reducing corruption via using qualified and faithful governors. The main question that this paper tries to answer it is to what extent the governors of Imam Ali played a role in economic security of the government? The findings are based on descriptive-analytical method and relies on statistical data, and, in contrary to the popular opinion, shows that most of governors of that Imam, with varying degrees of loyalty to the ideals of the Imam, played their roles in the economic security, and only thirteen percent of them betrayed and were punished accordingly.
Keyword(s): Imam Ali,economic security,governor,economic corruption
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