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Journal:   PAZHOHESH-HA-YE BASTANSHENASI IRAN   spring 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 12 ; Page(s) 195 To 210.

A Research on the Newly Discovered Sassanid Fire-Bases from Persian Gulf Beaches

Author(s):  tofighian hosein*
Sassanid four arched plan fire temples, including the central platforms with stone or plaster bases around and fire bases located in center of building. The stone fireplaces have made from stone and plaster and in different shapes and sizes, based on the importance of temples, have been used for the various classes of society. The Sassanian fire bases Mainly in the form of two symmetrical cone top and bottom with vertical slots rounded ends are motifs spoon or rosette designs have. The foundation stone or plaster in many Sassanid fire temple on the shores of the Persian Gulf and Southern Gulf and other parts of Iran have been identified. Another type of Sassanid base includes a cylindrical stone that has a decorative element in the lower and upper. In some cases, the body of the foundation is stone for two horns of the altar is decorated lacking. Several studies on the Sassanid fire temple and the altar base in different parts of Iran, including in Shian, Palan gerd, milmilgeh in Kermanshah, Lorestan Kohzad castle, Nam namesht in Ilam, Takab Takht-e Soleiman in Azerbaijan, Toorang tape and the village of Kaka in Gorgan, bandian and emam zadeh mohhamad vali beig in bandian dargaz, Weigel Kashan, tape neizar Qom, sarfolad mahaleh in Semnan, kohe khajeh in Sistan amer, chah varz, kheir koh, sarger firouzabad, gavbandi, bahrestan, shabestan, chah kor, hasel zalemi, emamzadeh hasel zalemi, khafroyeh and behdeh. But the base of the altar of the Persian Gulf, including the base of the cone-shaped stone hearth spoon painted in vertical slots and the bottom of the cube-shaped base on heating Fastening were required to be addressed in this article. In this study, the base of the altar of Bushehr beach in Tel martyr Borazjan area “ Gbrha house” in the village of Dashti Kshtv of city functions, the base of the altar in the Shrine of Shah Noor-Eldeen and Castle Borazjan comparative study with other parts of the country. Fire base in the Persian Gulf and Southern Gulf, depending on the importance and dimensions of the temple, carved in different styles and sizes. Temple decorations are created on the basis of the importance fireplace, style and integrity ornaments and decorative grooves, turning different ways. Some regular basis fireplace with vertical milling around the base like palm stems or slots rosette spoon mud that may have inspired the Chinese curtain, which is closed by a ribbon at the waist. Below the base of the fireplace frame rectangular limestone altar built on its circular base has been established. It covers the area of the Fars of Khafroyeh, Zalemi, Tombe bot and Persian Gulf and the base of the Qaleh Borazjan have detected. Rectangle frame now been identified in other areas. The basic function of the importance of quality Sassanid fire temples, are religious, economic and financial support of artists. simple and undecorated fire bases like Sargerd site in Firozabad, Gour, Kheir koh, Qaleh Gori, Sheikh Amer and Karian are from the simple type which are belonging to local Temple and Home fire base simple. Examples of simple stone fire base in Palangerd in Islamabad-e gharb, Shohan village in Islamabad-e gharb, Bogheh danial nabi, Bandian Dargaz, Milmilgeh Islamabad-e gharb, Takhte Soleiman and koh-e khajeh have detected.
Keyword(s): Basic Fire,Temples,Sassanian,Persian Gulf,Limestone
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