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Journal:   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANO DIMENSION (IJND)   summer 2019 , Volume 10 , Number 3; Page(s) 230 To 241.

Synthesis and electrochemical studies on Cu-TiO2 thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis technique for sensing Uric acid

Author(s):  Mathi Vathani Arunananthan, Dhanalakshmi Selvaraj, Prithivikumaran Natarajan*
* Department of Physics, V.H.N. Senthikumara Nadar College, Virudhunagar, India
In this study, we report an effective uric acid (UA) electrochemical biosensor using Cu-TiO2 electrode. UA is a biomedical compound that plays a vital role in human metabolism. The abnormal level of UA leads to several diseases. TiO2 and Cu-TiO2 with various concentrations were deposited on glass substrates by spray pyrolysis technique. X-ray diffraction analysis shows that all the films are in anatase phase with tetragonal structure and confirm the incorporation of Cu ions into TiO2 lattice. The morphology and chemical composition of TiO2 and Cu-TiO2 were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS). These studies reveal that the aggregation of particles occurs due to doping and confirm the presence of Cu. The optical analysis was studied by UV-Vis absorption and photoluminescence spectroscopy, which indicates the band gap changes, shift in absorption peak and defects. Cyclic voltammetry (CV) was used to analyse the performance of the Cu-TiO2 as the electrochemical biosensor. Cu-TiO2 electrochemical biosensor exhibits good sensitivity, linearity and high stability for the detection of UA.
Keyword(s): Cu-TiO2,Electrochemical Studies,Sensing,Spray Pyrolysis,Thin Films,Uric Acid
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