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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING (JOURNAL OF SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING)   summer 2018 , Volume 31 , Number 2 (22) ; Page(s) 87 To 99.

Improvement of Pareto Diagrams in Topology Optimization Using Unstructured Polygonal Finite Element

Author(s):  Akbarzaghi m.*, AHMADI NEDUSHAN B.
* civil engineering department, Yazd University
One of approaches in weight reduction of structures is introduction of gaps in the design domain. This basic idea has led the formation of topology optimization algorithms. One of the problems frequently seen in topology optimization problems using common elements such as square or rectangular elements is the checkerboard phenomenon. Generally speaking, any discretization scheme that can better estimate the continuous design domain results in reducing the checkerboard phenomenon. In this article, the unstructured polygonal finite elements are used for discretization of design domain. Two examples corresponding to convex and nonconvex design domains are investigated and improved results and Pareto charts are presented in comparison to results obtained from using the square elements. The results demonstrate that using polygonal elements results in preventing the checkerboard phenomenon and reduction of computation time.
Keyword(s): Multi-objective topology optimization,pareto diagram,polygonal finite element,Lloyd's algorithm,Voronoi diagrams
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