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Journal:   CROP PHYSIOLOGY   fall 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 3 (39) ; Page(s) 93 To 111.

Investigation of yield, yield components and indices of salt tension tolerance in maize cultivars

Author(s):  molazem davar*
In order to investigate the effect of salinity on resistance indices, the present experiment was conducted in a randomized complete blocks design with three replications and three years in two saline and normal fields in Astara. Commercial genotypes and lines included K3615. 1, S. C704, B73, S. C302, Waxy, K3546. 6, K3653. 2, and Zaqatala-68. Soil salinity reduced the index of chlorophyll content, chlorophyll a, plant height, ear weight, number of seeds per ear, 100 seed weight, plant dry weight and yield in genotypes. The results showed that the highest amount of chlorophyll a was in S. C704 hybrid in normal medium and there was no significant difference between this hybrid and S. C302 and B73. Different traits including chlorophyll index, chlorophyll “ a” , plant dry weight and yield per plot were measured. The results showed that the highest amount of chlorophyll “ a” in S. C704 and in normal conditions and was observed no significant difference between this hybrid with S. C302 and B73. Salinity caused a sharp reduction in chlorophyll index so that the least amount of chlorophyll was seen in Zaqatala-68 in salty. Interactions between varieties and environment was significant and different cultivars showed different reactions to salinity. Zaqatala-68 had the highest 100 grain weight in normal and salty conditions. The highest grain yield in normal conditions was observed in Zaqatala-68 that no significant differences with the K3653/2 and S. C704 but with other cultivars were significantly different. SC704, and Zaqatala-68 produced the highest grain yield in saline conditions, were selected as resistant genotypes. Indicats of resistance and sensitivity, according to grain yield was measured in different environmental conditions and based on STI S. C704, Zaqatala-68 and S. C302 genotypes were selected.
Keyword(s): Composite analysis,Vegetation index and Tension tolerance index
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