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Journal:   CROP PHYSIOLOGY   fall 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 3 (39) #b00528; Page(s) 5 To 22.

The effect of different moisture treatments on different metabolites content and some physiological traits of five chickpea cultivars in Kermanshah region

Author(s):  hosseini seyed mohammad naseh, SAEIDI MOHSEN*, mansori far siros
In order to investigate the physiologic and biochemical changes of drought tension in chickpea, a split-plot experiment based on randomized complete blocks design with three replications at the research farm of Campus of Agriculture and Natural Resources of Razi University of Kermanshah was conducted. The main factor was the moisture regimes including: 1-normal irrigation, 2-water deficient tension at podding stage and 3-flowering and the sub factor, including: five chickpea cultivars (Arman, Azad, Bivanij, Hashem and ILC482). The obtained results indicated a high effect of the moisture content of chickpea, on grain yield and biological yield, and among cultivars under intense moisture tension, ILC482 cultivar with seed yield of 715 (kilogram per hectare) and in non-tension conditions, Arman cultivar with the yield of 1355 (kilogram per hectare) showed the best performance. Based on the results, the photochemical efficacy of the photo cysteine II and the relative water content of the leaf had a positive and significant relationship with the amount of water available and the moisture restriction reduced these significant traits and in resistant cultivars including Azad, ILC482 and bionic, higher values of these traits were observed during drought tension. The content of soluble sugars and proline in chickpea leaves increased with decreasing moisture content, so that the amount of soluble sugars in the ILC482 and Azad cultivars and the amount of proline in ILC482 and Bivanij cultivars were higher, but on the contrary, the concentration of soluble proteins increased with increasing moisture content and was the highest in Hashem and Arman cultivars.
Keyword(s): Soluble proteins,Proline,Drought tension,Yield and Soluble sugars
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