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Journal:   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING   2019 , Volume 10 , Number 2; Page(s) 207 To 220.

Gas escape to crankcase: impact of system parameters on sealing behavior of a piston cylinder ring pack

Author(s):  Delprete Cristiana, Selmani Erjon*, Bisha Arian
* Universiteti Politeknik i Tiranes, Tirana, Albania
Internal combustion engines are the generators of energy for many transportation applications, but they still have an overall low efficiency due to mechanical and thermal losses. The combustion chamber is the core element of the engine and it ought to be perfectly sealed; however, some of the gas leaks toward the crankcase due to imperfect sealing of the rings. This leakage is known as blow-by and affects efficiency, correct lubrication and emissions. The aim of this paper was to understand, in a more detailed way, how some parameters could affect the sealing efficiency of a ring pack. In particular, ring gaps, ring masses and elastic properties, and ring static twists, were varied from the original and investigated for their influence on the inter-ring dynamics and sealing efficiency. The problem, referred to a turbo diesel engine, was formulated in terms of motion equations for the rings and gas equations for the inter-ring crevices, and solved in © Ricardo RINGPAK solver. The results were compared with the original design and with the reference literature. These results confirm that ring gaps and ring unstable motion have an important role in the phenomenon of gas blow-by. In addition, the second ring emerged to have a more important role on the blow-by reduction with respect to the top ring. However, this phenomenon is complex due to the interaction of several parameters, not all of which were included in this study. Nevertheless, these findings can already be taken into account for further studies or experimental investigations.
Keyword(s): Blow-by,Internal combustion engines,Piston ring,Ring dynamics,Ricardo
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