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Journal:   JOURNAL OF SYSTEM MANAGEMENT   2019 , Volume 5 , Number 2; Page(s) 167 To 188.

Identifying Components of the Ethical Marketing System Based on Islamic-Iranian Approach

* Department of Business Management, Central Tehran Azad University, Tehran, Iran
The present study is conducted to identify the components of the establishment of an ethical marketing system based on the Islamic-Iranian approach with emphasis on the food industry. In terms of its purpose it is a descriptive analytic type, and collects statistical data using a library methodology for research literature and Delphi method based on an expert opinion survey. In order to achieve the purpose, through an applied approach and through a survey method, a researcher-made questionnaire. Then, through the Delphi technique, which is a reliance on thought and use of expert knowledge and views and after three stages, the agreement and consensus of the Delphi group have reported on the components for the establishment of the ethical marketing system based on Islamic-Iranian approach. In order to consider the scientific and technical aspects, 30 experts in marketing system (marketing professors and experts in food industry marketing) were determined. Data analysis has been done with a mixed approach based on deep and structured studies and through content analysis. The results showed that social norms, organizational norms, green norms, individual norms, 4 ps norms and religious norms are among the requirements of establishing an ethical marketing system based on the Islamic-Iranian approach with emphasis on food industry. Standards and ethics in marketing approach is one of the most pressing issues for the review of the development and prosperity of Islamic countries. Adherence to such ethical practices can help to elevate the standards of behavior and thus of living, of traders and consumers alike. Selected key marketing issues are examined from an Islamic perspective which, it is argued, if adhered to, can help to create a value-loaded global ethical marketing framework for MNCs in general, and establish harmony and meaningful cooperation between international marketers and Muslim target markets in particular.
Keyword(s): Ethical Marketing System,Social Norms,Organizational Norms,Green Norms,Individual Norms,4PS Norms,Religious Norms
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