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Journal:   JOURNAL OF SYSTEM MANAGEMENT   2019 , Volume 5 , Number 2; Page(s) 133 To 146.

Ranking the Information Technology Dimensions Using Sustainable Development Criteria

* Department of Management, Tehran Central Azad University, Tehran, Iran
The purpose of this research was to rank Information Technology (IT) dimensions using sustainable development criteria. The present research belongs to the category of applied research in terms of objective and descriptive survey in terms of data collection. To this end, the six dimensions of IT have been ranked according to three areas of sustainable development. Ratings were done using Gray Relational Analysis (GRA) through the GRAY RELATION software. It is worth noting that the statistical population included all managers of executive organizations in the northwest provinces of Iran. The result of using the GRA methodology to rank the IT components through sustainable development dimensions has ranked the six dimensions in terms of scores obtained as follows service quality, information quality, system satisfaction, perceived benefits, system quality, and IT usage.
Keyword(s): Service Quality,Information Quality,System Satisfaction,Gray Relational Analysis
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