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Journal:   JOURNAL OF NUTS (INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NUTS AND RELATED SCIENCES)   2018 , Volume 9 , Number 2; Page(s) 135 To 145.

Effects of Location in the Tree Canopy on Some Quality Characteristics of Fresh Pistachio Fruit

Author(s):  Saffari Behzad, AKHAVAN HAMIDREZA*
* Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture/Research and Technology Institute of Plant Production (RTIPP), Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran/
Fresh pistachio fruit cv. Kalleghochi was harvested from the exterior and interior parts of the tree canopy in four geographical directions. The fruit position in exterior and interior parts of the tree canopy has a significant influence on the number of nuts per ounce, pistachio splitting, hull weight, shell weight, kernel weight, colour indices and total anthocyanin content. Results indicated that the number of nuts per ounce, pistachio splitting, kernel weight, red skin colour (a*) and total anthocyanin content of outer-canopy fruits were higher than the fruits from inner-canopy fruits. Pistachio splitting was highest (98. 6%) in outer-canopy in comparison to inner-canopy (50. 3%) fruits. Results also indicated that the sunlight exposure increased red colour development and accumulation of anthocyanins. The total anthocyanin contents of hull in out-er-canopy were 91% higher than those in inner-canopy fruits. Therefore, phenolic accumula-tion in pistachio hull may be taken into consideration as an important source of functional compounds in food systems with health promoting effects and antimicrobial activity. Results of this study suggest that the fruit position within the canopy is an important factor in deter-mining physicochemical characteristics of pistachio fruit.
Keyword(s): Anthocyanin,Fruit position,Fruit weight,Pistachio fruit,Sunlight
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