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Journal:   HORTICULTURAL PLANT NUTRITION   spring-summer 2018 , Volume 1 , Number 1 #M00592; Page(s) 29 To 40.

Effect of bio fertilizers on the yield and essential oil composition of Lemon Verbena (Lippia citriodora)

* Department of Soil Sciences, College of Agriculture, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: Appropriate nutrient has a significant impact on yield and phytochemical characteristics of medicinal plants. (Lippia citriodora) an herb plant native to South America-belongs to mangrove family. In most studies conducted on medicinal plants in Iran, balanced fertilization has not been practiced and mostly N and P-fertilizers without being based on soil analysis results have been used and hence the obtained results were not correct. Use a balanced fertilization or fertilizer based on soil analysis can be a scientific solution to increase the essential oil. Objective: To investigate the effects of balanced fertilization on quantity and quality parameters of lemon verbena in two harvests was done. Materials and methods: In this experiment, six treatments were performed in a completely randomized block design and in three replications as follows: T1 = control (no fertilization); T2 = fertilization based on farmers conventional fertilizer use (NP); T3 = balanced fertilization (fertilizer recommendation on the basis of soil test); T4= T1+ bio-fertilizer; T5 = T2+ bio-fertilizer and T6= T3+ bio-fertilizer. Soil samples were taken from greenhouse soil and physico-chemical characteristics were analyzed according to conventional methods practiced at the Soil and Water Research Institute of Iran. After six months, all operations, including top– dressing fertilization and irrigation, were regularly carried out and in late July and December of 2012; samples were taken at two-time intervals. The samples were weighed in dry content. Meanwhile, essential oil extractions were measured by Clevenger Instrument and total antioxidant extracted by DPPH method. Subsequently, data were analyzed by SAS software. Results and discussion: The differences were shown significant at 5 percent statistical level. Average yield of dry leave weight and essential oil content in two harvests in control treatment were 664 and 7. 15 k. gha-1, respectively, these values in the best treatment were 1261 and 19. 97 kgha-1, respectively. The treatment of balanced fertilization + bio-fertilizer compared with other treatments has the highest amount of antioxidant properties in both harvest. Also, the highest concentration of potassium, iron, zinc and manganese in edible organs (Leaves) in both the yields was found in balanced fertilization + bio-fertilizer. Also results analysis of essential oil showed that percent of citral (neral+geranial) in essential oil of first harvest in control treatment were 40. 51, these value in the, T6 treatment were 52. 25. Therefore, it can be concluded that balanced fertilization causes significant increase in the yield and the essential oil content of Lippia citriodora medicinal plant. So, it is suggested that in all research studies on the commercial production of medicinal plants, balanced fertilization should be seriously taken in to consideration. Furthermore, the application of bio-fertilizer should also be promoted for producing a healthy crop of medicinal plants.
Keyword(s): Balanced fertilization,Fertilization based on farmers conventional fertilizer use,Essential oil,Antioxidant
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