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Journal:   JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL EXTENSION   2018 , Volume 12 , Number 1; Page(s) 41 To 54.


Author(s):  HOOSHMAND M. H.*, Sarmin Nor Haniza
* Young Researchers and Elite Club, Shiraz Azad University, Shiraz, Iran
A grouplike, which has been introduced earlier, is an algebraic structure between semigroups and groups and its axioms are generalization of the four group axioms. We observe that every grouplike is a homogroup (a semigroup containing an ideal subgroup) with a unique central idempotent. On the other hand, decomposer and associative functions on groups, semigroups and even magmas have been introduced in 2007. In this paper, we introduce special type of grouplikes (namely f-grouplike) that is motivated from the both topics. We prove that f-grouplikes is a proper subclass of Class United Grouplikes, and we study some of their properties.
Keyword(s): Grouplike,identity-like,homogroup,decomposer function,b-parts of real numbers
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APA: Copy

HOOSHMAND, M., & Sarmin, N. (2018). f-Grouplikes. JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL EXTENSION, 12(1), 41-54.

Vancouver: Copy

HOOSHMAND M. H., Sarmin Nor Haniza. f-Grouplikes. JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL EXTENSION. 2018 [cited 2021June19];12(1):41-54. Available from:

IEEE: Copy

HOOSHMAND, M., Sarmin, N., 2018. f-Grouplikes. JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL EXTENSION, [online] 12(1), pp.41-54. Available:

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