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Journal:   JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN DENTAL SCIENCES   spring 2019 , Volume 16 , Number 1 (59) #l00577; Page(s) 51 To 59.

Effect of P60 & Filtek P90 Composite on microeakage of Cl II Composite resin restoration (Invitro)

Author(s):  HESHMAT HALEH, NOSRATI ALI, Hoorizad Ganjcar Maryam*, NEMATI ANARAKI SAEED, Behrozi Parasto, lesani Mahshad, SANAIE NEDA
* Restorative Dept/ dental material research center, Faculty of Dentistry,Tehran Medical Sciences Azad University,Tehran,Iran
Backgroud and Aim: microleakge is one of the most common cause of failure in restorative dentistry in this study the microleakge of filtek p90, filtek p60 was evaluated and compared. Materials and Methods: In this experimental study, on 48 premolar teeth standardized class II MOD preparations were made cervical margin of mesial preparation were 1mm above the CEJ and 1 mm and the distal preparation were 1 mm below the CEJ Samples divided in to 3 groups of sixteen teeth. A group: teeth were filled with filtek silorane (3M ESPE, USA) and silorane system adhesive self-etch primer and bond. B: teeth were filled with filtek silorane and Adper single bond plus. C: sixteen teeth were filled with filtek p60 and Adper single bond plus. After AgNO3 dye opplicaiton microleakage were evaluated by stereomicroscope. data were statistically analyzed by kurskal-wallis and Wilcoxon. the level of 0. 05 considered significant. Results: The most enamel microleakage was related to C and lowest enamel microleakge was shown in A group. The most dentin microleakage was related to B and the lowest dentin microleakge was shown in A group. Microleakage was significantly different between A, with B and C (P‹ 0. 05) dentin microleakage was not significant difference between B and C. Conclusion: Type of composite and bonding effect to microleakage, the lowest microleakage was gingival margine irrespective of the location of the margine related to group A.
Keyword(s): Microleakge,silorane based composite,silver nitrate staining
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