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Journal:   JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY STUDIES   summer 2018 , Volume 15 , Number 30 ; Page(s) 0 To 0.

The Role of Obsessive Beliefs and Perfectionism in Body Image among Female Third-Grade Students at High Schools in Zahedan

Author(s):  Saravani Sanaz, SHIRAZI MAHMOOD*
This study was conducted with the aim of determining the relationship of obsessive beliefs and perfectionism with body image among third-grade high school students in Zahedan. In the current study, using a multistage sampling method, a sample of 147 students was selected among third-grade students at high schools in Zahedan and was evaluated using Obsessive Beliefs Questionnaire (OBQ-44), Perfectionism Scale (Frost et al., 1990), and Body Image Concern Inventory (BICI). Data were analyzed through applying a Pearson correlation coefficient and a stepwise regression analysis. Results showed that body image was significantly and directly related to obsessive beliefs and all its subscales and perfectionism and all its subscales. Among the variables under study, a sense of responsibility and assessment of dangers and threats predicted 12%, parental criticism predicted 16%, and concern over mistakes predicted 23% of the variance in body image. The results of the present study indicated that body image was significantly and directly related to obsessive beliefs, perfectionism, and all their subscales.
Keyword(s): Obsessive Beliefs,Perfectionism,Body Image
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