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Journal:   JOURNAL OF WETLAND ECOBIOLOGY   fall 2017 , Volume 9 , Number 33 ; Page(s) 85 To 102.

Estimation and analysis of tourism climate index in Pirsalman Wetland by GIS and TCI model

Tourism climate index is an index which systematically specifies the effect of climatic factors on tourism. Statistics recorded in climatology stations are needed in order to use this index. It is suitable to utilize these statistics to analyze tourism climate index in a city or a restricted area, but index analysis according to the stations cannot express the actual state of this tourism index in an area on its own. The state of the spots which do not have (the relevant) statistics needs to be investigated and analyzed. GIS soft wares with the ability of finding middle of spot data to zoned data and middle finding, make it possible to find climatic index for an area on the basis of spot data obtained from our station and analyze them correctly. Pirsalman wetland is situated in Hamedan Province, in Asadabad city and is considered as a seasonal wetland. It looks like a bowel which is at least 1 meter and at most 2 meters in depth. Its water is provided by springs bubbling out of the wetland bed. It is 21 * 15 hectare and 1920 meters above the sea level. Suitable period during which tourists can visit this wetland have been identified by tourism climate index and GIS possibilities in the present study. The data utilized here are from the average of seven climate parameters in synoptic and climatology stations in and around Hamedan Province and Pirsalman wetland in 2010. The Results of this study indicate that tourism climate index is ideal in March and June which means these are the best months of the year for visiting the wetland. This index is excellent in February, April, May and July and it is very good in January. Tourism climate index has an acceptable rank during November, December and August. In October and September, the tourism climate index is marginal.
Keyword(s): tourism climate index,GIS software.Pirsalman wetland,Hamedan province
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