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Journal:   JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY STUDIES   spring 2018 , Volume 15 , Number 29 ; Page(s) 177 To 208.

The Relationship between Flow and Motivational forces in Students

Author(s):  faghihi fariba, MARZIYEH AFSANEH*, JENAABADI HOSSEIN
The aim of the current study was to investigate the realationship between flow and motivational forces. Data were collected from 186 students in third grade high school of janah high school, were chosen through stratifield random sampling. The following Scale and questionnaires were used: Flow State Scale, Expectancy-value questionnaire, Basic psychological Needs Scale, and Future Time Perspective Scale. To investigate the research questions, Pearson’ s correlation coefficient and stepwise regression were used. The result showed the self determination and Expecctancy-value had a positive significant relation with flow experience, but there was no significant relation between flow and future time perspective. The results obtained from stepwise regression analysis showed that in the first step, component clear goals, in the second step, clear goals and concentration on task, and in the third step, three components clear goals, concentration and unambiguous feedback have role in predicting self determination. Also omponent sense of control predicted, 13% of the variance of the Expecctancy-value and Component loss of self-consciousness predicted 4% of the variance of the future time perspective.
Keyword(s): Flow,Expectancy-value theory,self determination theory,Future time perspective
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