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Journal:   JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY STUDIES   spring 2018 , Volume 15 , Number 29 ; Page(s) 1 To 36.

The Causal Relationship between Intelligence Beliefs and Some Components of Self-regulation with Mediating Role Goals Orientation of Male Junior High School Student in Ahvaz

The purpose of present study was to investigate the causal relationship between intelligence beliefs and some components of self-regulation with mediating role of goals orientation of male junior high school student in Ahvaz. The population in this study was the entire male junior high school student in Ahvaz. From this population 348 students were selected as sample using multi-phase random sampling method. The research instruments in this study were Implicit Theories of Intelligence Scale (ITIS), Patterns of Adaptive Learning Scales (PALS) and Motivational Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ). Evaluation of the proposed model with path analysis using AMOS-16 software was done. The indirect relationships were tested by using bootstrapping procedure in Preacher and Hayes Macro command. The proposed model had a fitness regarding the fitness indices. With drawing path between “ approach goal” to “ mastery goal” good fit with the data obtained. The results showed that intelligence beliefs can play a significant role in student goal setting and goal setting can significantly some components of self-regulation (including self-efficacy and self-regulated learning strategies) predict.
Keyword(s): intelligence beliefs,achievement goals,learning strategies,self-efficacy
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