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Journal:   SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL OF RESCUE AND RELIEF   spring 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 1 (37) ; Page(s) 98 To 110.

Identification and evaluation of human errors among Qazvin emergency medical personnel by using CREAM technique

Author(s):  ANSARI SAMIRA, Choobdar Mohadeseh, Bakhtiari Tina, Jamalizadeh Zeinab, HEYDARI PAYAM, Varmazyar Sekineh*
* Department of Occupational Health engineering, Faculty of Health, Qazvin University of Medical Sciences, Qazvin, Iran
Background: The study of human error is very important because many decisions in medical emergencies are taken in a shift. In work with patient, medical error is a serious and inevitable threat for patient safety. Therefore, the aim of this study is identification and evaluation of human errors among Qazvin emergency medical personnel by using Cognitive Reliability & Error Analysis Method (CREAM) technique. Method: This descriptive and cross-sectional study was conducted using CREAM technique in 2017. In this study, after hierarchical task analysis of medical emergency duties, the work sheet of CREAM technique was completed through observation and interviews with the medical emergencies. Data were analyzed using SPSS-20. Findings: In this study, 4 main tasks and 24 sub-tasks were analyzed. However, the highest probability of general error was predicted in technician task (0. 01771). Also from the errors detected, execution cognitive function with 39. 69% and interpretation error with 33. 33% had the highest values relative to other cognitive functions. False recognition in physical examination and taking and presenting history to doctor via wireless with 0. 03169 had the highest cognitive error probability. Conclusion: According to the results, time to do work, empowerment, work condition and perform two or more task simultaneously factors affecting performance reduction. Therefore, solutions for improving conditions and more productivity of emergency medical staff and reducing human error in this group is suggested: improvement of work conditions, increase empowerment, perform two or more work simultaneously by highability people, set up regular shifts and work schedule for personnel, educational programs based on personnel needs and joint meeting to increase efficiency.
Keyword(s): human error,emergency medical,Qazvin,CREAM technique
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