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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ANIMAL BIOLOGY   SUMMER 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 4 ; Page(s) 33 To 43.

Assessment the Possibility of Occurrence of Non-cancer Effects of Cadmium, Nickel, Lead, Chromium and Zinc Caused by the Consumption of Barbus grypus Fish in Mahshahr City

Author(s):  SALEMI M., SAYAHI Z.
With the development of technology, and the diversification of chemicals needed in the industry, agriculture has increasingly expanded in recent decades, with increasing population, industrial and agricultural activities; the input of pollutants into the environment has increased. This research was carried out in 2016 with the aim of evaluating the possibility of non-cancerous effects of heavy metals caused by the consumption of Barbus grypus fish in the city of Mahshahr in summer. In this research, samples of fish required from the daily fisherman's hunting in Mahshahr port were prepared in 2016. Sampling was done randomly from trapped and ready-made fish in the market, in which 26 samples were used. After biometrics, the muscle tissue of the samples was isolated and chemically digested. A ratio of density of cadmium, nickel, lead, chromium and zinc on the muscle was measured by atomic absorption device (Ultima2c) and based on information gathering; the risk ratio of heavy metals was determined by the questionnaire. The results of this study showed that the average concentration of cadmium and nickel, lead, chromium and zinc on fish Barbus grypus to arrange 2. 848, 1. 933, 23. 3, 23. 93 and 0. 045 mg. dry weight, which was the amount of metallic cadmium, nickel, lead higher than the standard set by the world Organization like FAO, WHO, MAFF and FDA. According to the results of this study, the hazard ratio (HQ) of cadmium was higher than 1 (1. 10), nickel lower than 1 (0. 82), lead more than 1 (999. 9), chromium less than 1 (0. 019), and zinc more than 1 (10. 25), according to which the consumption of Barbus grypus fish in this area would have a severe risk for consumers as a result of heavy metals.
Keyword(s): Assessment,Mahshahr,Heavy metals,Barbus grypus fish
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