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Journal:   MYTHO-MYSTIC LITERATURE JOURNAL (PERSIAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE JOURNAL)   winter 2019 , Volume 14 , Number 53 ; Page(s) 321 To 354.

The Mystical Interpretation of Qor’ ā nic verses in Tamhī dā t

Author(s):  Mirzaee Narjes Khatoon, Nouroozpour Leila*
* Golestan University
In Tamhī dā t, (Preludes) written by Ayn-al-Quzā t Hamadā nī , many Qor’ ā nic verses have been quoted. Some of these verses have widely been cited. Due to his familiarity with Qor’ ā n and deep reflection on its verses, Ayn-al-Quzā t presents unique and brilliant interpretations of the Holy Qor’ ā n. The present research seeks to answer the question: What methods of interpretation have been used in Tamhī dā t? The results show that Ayn-al-Quzā t gets from expression to meaning by using these methods: interpretation based on homonymy; metaphorical interpretation of the Qor’ ā nic expressions; finding synonyms in the same semantic field; interpretive cluster, associative interpretation, syllogism by equation, going beyond the historical meaning of a Qor’ ā nic verse, the interpretation of a verse based on Hadith; and the interpretation based on the mystical concepts. With a descriptive-analytical approach, the present research studies the method of interpretation in Tamhī dā t along citing the examples. Also, in some cases, an interpretation is compared with other mystical interpretations of Ayn-al-Quzā t's contemporaries. Ayn-al-Quzā t uses the mirror allegory in analyzing poems, so it can be said that according to him, Qor’ ā n, as a text, refers to various worlds reflecting the views of its reader.
Keyword(s): Tamhī,dā,t,Ayn-al-Quzā,t,Interpretation,Creative Interpretation,Qor’,ā,n
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