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Journal:   JOURNAL OF WETLAND ECOBIOLOGY   WINTER 2018 , Volume 9 , Number 34 ; Page(s) 45 To 53.

Assessment of concentrations of metal Cadmium and Cromium in different tissues of teal (Anas crecca)

The aim of this study was to determine the concentration of metals Cd and Cr in liver, kidney and muscle tissues of teal Anas crecca (N=16) from Fereydoonkenar wetland. The study was conducted between November and December 2015. The elements Cd and Cr were assayed using a graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer and the results were given as mg/kg wet weight. The concentration of metals was compared between the liver, kidney and muscle tissue and using one-way ANOVA, followed by Tukey’ s test. The highest mean concentrations of Cd and Cr were observed in the kidney at 1. 45 and 0. 56 mg/kg wet weight, respectively. The lowest mean concentration of Cd and Cr were measured in muscle tissue at 0. 05 and 0. 08 mg/kg wet weight, respectively. The distribution patterns of Cd and Cr in tissues of teal follow the order: kidney>liver>muscle. All the results were statistically significant at P < 0. 001. The results indicated that there were negative correlations (r =-0. 798, P<0. 01) between weight and Cr in muscle. In this study, Cd and Cr concentrations in the edible tissues of teal were below the maximum permissible limit of the WHO.
Keyword(s): Teal,Cd,Cr,Fereydoonkenar wetland
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