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Journal:   MYTHO-MYSTIC LITERATURE JOURNAL (PERSIAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE JOURNAL)   winter 2019 , Volume 14 , Number 53 ; Page(s) 41 To 82.

The Myths of Siavash and Kotan Utunnai: A Comparative Study in Persian and Far East Mythologies; Based on Joseph Campbell's Approach

Author(s):  Akhavani Saeed, MAHMOUDI FATTANEH*
Today's human interpretation of mythology suggests that myth is more than fiction.In the age of pre-science and pre-philosophy,the answers to questions of human beings could be found in myths.One of the issues raised about myth,is the similarity of the myths of various tribes and civilizations.Thus,the question arises:what is the reason of the similarity of myths among the unrelated tribes?By using the analytic-comparative method,the present article tries to compare the myth of "Siavash" in Iran with Kotan Utunnai,an epic belonged to Ainu (the indigenous people of Japan).In the research,the archetype of hero's journey,proposed by Joseph Campbell,as the theoretical basis,and the triple steps of hero's journey,as the variable of the study,are considered.The results show that the people who lived in the age of myth,regardless of their different languages and cultures,had common epistemological and ontological foundations that are represented in myths.
Keyword(s): myth,Siavash,Kotan Utunnai Epic,Joseph Campbell,The Archetype of Hero's Journey
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