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Journal:   MYTHO-MYSTIC LITERATURE JOURNAL (PERSIAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE JOURNAL)   fall 2018 , Volume 14 , Number 52 ; Page(s) 13 To 43.

Love in Sefat al-ā š eqī n and Abhar al-ā š eqī n: An Intertextuality Approach

Author(s):  EBRAHIMTABAR EBRAHIM*, Najafi Jamshid
* babol azad university
Abhar al-ā š qī n is a collection of Rū zbahā n Baqalī Š ī rā zī ’ s thoughts about love. Because of the great importance of this mystical treatise in Persian literature, it has had great influence on its later works including masnavi of Sefat al-ā š qī n, composed by Helali Joghtaei. Since these two books have a lot of similarities in content and subject matter, they can be studied based on Genette's Intertextuality theory that suggests three types of "explicitly deliberate", "hidden-deliberate, " and "implicit" links between texts. The findings of the present research show that many themes related to love, such as eternality and the mutuality of love and its obstacles are presented in both books. The intertextuality relationship between them shows that Sefat al-ā š qī n is not a mere imitation of Abhar al-ā š qī n without any creativity. By using descriptive-analytic method, the present article tries to show the common themes about love in both books.
Keyword(s): intertextuality,love,Rū,zbahā,n Baqalī,Š,ī,rā,zī,,Abhar al-ā,š,eqī,n,Sefat al-ā,š,eqī,n
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