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Journal:   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING   2018 , Volume 10 , Number 4; Page(s) 339 To 347.

Single diagonal precast prestressed concrete bracing for strengthening existing concrete frames

Author(s):  NATEGHI ALAHI FARIBORZ*, Vatandoost Mohsen
* Department of Structure, IIEES, Tehran, Iran
A new method for seismic retrofitting concrete structures is proposed using an X-shaped precast prestressed concrete brace. This PPC brace is made of four precast concrete parts and middle section that are assembled and added to the existing frame. This method has the following benefits: there is no need to work with wet concrete in site or anchor and bolt to the existing frame, which may lead to a fast and economic retrofitting method. The X-shaped concrete brace was made in half size and its efficiency is confirmed. That X-shaped precast prestressed concrete brace was simulated and evaluated by computerized analysis using ABAQUS FEA modeling by authors of this paper earlier, and the proposed brace showed proper results in reducing lateral drifts and that method is considered as a proper method for seismic retrofitting. Here we are suggesting a different setup for the brace, which may lead to faster and more economic strengthening of RC structures. The new setup is omitting the middle section and suggests the brace to be used as a single diagonal. A model of this proposed method is simulated in ABAQUS FEA and the results show it is proper in reducing lateral displacements.
Keyword(s): Seismic retrofitting ·,Seismic strength ·,Concrete braces ·,Single diagonal braces ·,Precast concrete ·,Prestressed concrete ·,Reinforced concrete structure
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