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Journal:   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING   2018 , Volume 10 , Number 4; Page(s) 367 To 380.

Seismic vulnerability study of Soltaniyeh dome using nonlinear static and dynamic analyses

Author(s):  KALANTARI HOSSEIN, NASSERASADI KIARASH*, Arjmandi Seyyed Aliasghar
* Department of Civil Engineering, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran
Soltaniyeh dome is the largest brick dome in the world and registered in UNESCO’ s world heritage site that makes it one of the most important historical buildings in Iran. It suffered significant damages during its lifetime; therefore, preservation of that from the future destruction is vital. In this paper, the vulnerability of the structure was studied by FEM model which was verified by previous experimental and analytical studies. The extended FEM method (XFEM) was used to consider crack formation and propagation. Gravity, pushover and nonlinear dynamic analyses were conducted to study the behavior of structure under service and seismic load. The results indicate that the structure is adequate in the gravity loads but significant cracks are started from the opening of the second and third floors and propagate through the dome and its supports in the design earthquake (475-year return period). These results in addition to the drift diagram of structure suggest that the top of the structure is more vulnerable and needed to be rehabilitated.
Keyword(s): Soltaniyeh dome ·,Seismic behavior ·,Vulnerability analysis ·,Crack analysis ·,Historical building
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