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Journal:   JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES IN MEDICAL EDUCATION   fall 2019-winter 2020 , Volume 6 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 75 To 86.

Comparing the learning style of students majoring in Librarianship and Information Sciences at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Isfahan University Based on Vark Model

* Department of Health Information Management, School of Health Management and Information Sciences, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: Students use different learning styles. Using these styles can make teaching more effective. The purpose of this study was to compare the learning styles of students majoring in Librarianship and Information Sciences at Isfahan University and Isfahan University of Medical Sciences based on the Vark model. Methods: This was a survey. The research population was all the students of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, from those, 145 participants were selected randomly using stratified sampling method. The data was collected by Vark's questionnaire and then was analyzed by descriptive and analytical methods using SPSS software as a tool. Results: Librarianship and Information Sciences students use different learning styles. Their preferred learning style is the reading / writing style with an average of 42. 62. There is a significant difference between the learning style of undergraduate students with graduate degrees and Ph. D. students. No significant difference was found between the students' learning styles in the two universities. Conclusion: Considering the differences in the learning styles taken by students and the dominant style of studying/writing, it is important that educational authorities consider the existing differences while designing and applying their educational programs and methods based on the needs of students for a more practical education and maximum efficacy of teaching and learning.
Keyword(s): Educational Models,Information Science,Library Science,Isfahan University of Medical Sciences,Isfahan University
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