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Journal:   JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES IN MEDICAL EDUCATION   fall 2019-winter 2020 , Volume 6 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 63 To 74.

The Status of Implementing Medical student's Clinical Training Programs in different departments at Shahid Beheshti Hospital of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences

* Department of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Hamadan, Iran
Introduction: To improve the quality of services, each educational system requires ongoing research and consequently, the implementation of educational management. The present study evaluated the educational process, considering how medical students spend their time in their clinical departments. Methods: In this cross-sectional study, all medical students in the internship course at Shahid Beheshti Hospital in Hamadan were enrolled in study. After attending the justification classes, they applied daily to the recording of the information in the questionnaire, which included ten types of educational activities common to the internal sections. Seventh-grade internal medicine departments include Gastrointestinal Disease Hematology, General Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Rheumatology, Pulmonary Disease and Endocrine Disease. According to the internal grouping, the length of the three-month training course was distributed equally to seven sections. The collected data were analyzed using SPSS software version 21. The results for quantitative variables were reported as "mean ± standard deviation". Results: The results showed that on average, each students' class attendance was as follows: 3. 7 hours in clinic training sessions, 7. 5 hours ward visits, 3. 2 hours in theoretical class sessions, one hour in hospital congress meetings and 2. 6 hours in evening sessions. Minimum level of attendance belonged to Scientific Conference meetings, Journal Clubs and CPC while students mostly took part in history taking classes, ward rounds and attending the clinic. Conclusion: Students showed more willingness to participate in practical training programs than in theoretical training programs during their internship at Hamadan University of Medical Sciences.
Keyword(s): Education,Internship,Medical,Hospital Departments
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