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Journal:   PLANT ECOPHYSIOLOGY (ARSANJAN BRANCH)   summer 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 33 #p00547; Page(s) 117 To 126.

Factor analysis genetic correlation and path analysis of different traits in durum wheat genotypes

Author(s):  Heidarinejad H., ISMAILI A., HOSSEINPOUR T., EISVAND H.R.
In order to investigate the path analysis of effective traits on durum wheat yield, an experiment was conducted based on randomized complete block design with 18 genotypes and four replications in Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center of Lorestan province during 2014– 2015. In Factor analysis, the first factor was named as influencing factor on flag leaf characteristics, the second factor was named as influencing factor on height, and the third factor was named as influencing factors on yield performance. According to results of genetic correlations, biomass yield, straw yield, kernel per spike and spike length had very strong positive correlation with grain yield. According to results of stepwise regression and path analysis, straw yield, kernel per spike and peduncle length entered to the regression model, and so the straw yield had highest and largest direct effect on grain yield. As kernel per spike and straw yield were more important, these traits could be advisable in breeding programs of durum wheat. In present research, bi-plot analysis was used to simultaneous study of traits and discrimination of genotypes related to these traits, and hence, genotypes of Dehdasht, Seimareh, Pod-20 and Alas were introduced as hopefull genotypes for future breeding programs.
Keyword(s): Stepwise regression,bi-plot analysis,phenotypic correlation
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