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Journal:   PLANT ECOPHYSIOLOGY (ARSANJAN BRANCH)   summer 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 33 #p00547; Page(s) 79 To 89.

Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilizer, Poultry Manure and Municipal Waste Compost on Yield and Grain Quality of Sweet Corn

Author(s):  FEREIDOONI M., MAGHSOUDI E., Mojabghasrol dashti A., Behzadi Y.
In order to investige the effects of different levels of fertilizers on qualitative and quantitative yield of sweet corn, an experiment was conducted as randomized complete block design with three replications in 2012 at Marvdasht, Fars province, Iran. Experimental treatments were including different fertilizer sources 1) 200 kg ha-1 nitrogen, 2) 300 kg ha-1 nitrogen, 3) 8 ton ha-1 poultry manure, 4) 24 ton ha-1 solid waste compost, 5) 150 kg ha-1 nitrogen + 2 ton ha-1 poultry manure, 6) 100 kg ha-1 nitrogen + 4 ton ha-1 poultry manure, 7) 150 kg ha-1 nitrogen + 6 ton ha-1 solid waste compost, 8) 100 kg ha-1 nitrogen + 12 ton ha-1 solid waste compost and 9) control (non-fertilizer). The results indicated that the effects of different fertilizers levels were significant on grain canned yield, fresh forage, biological yield, plant height, length and diameter of ears as well as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content of grain. The highest grain canned yield (931 gr. m-2), fresh forage (2376 gr. m-2) and biological yield (4554 gr. m-2) was obtained from 100 kg ha-1 nitrogen + 4 ton ha-1 poultry manure treatment. Also maximum nitrogen content (2. 27 percent) and phosphorus (0. 42 percent) was observed at 300 kg ha-1 nitrogen and 8 ton ha-1 poultry manure treatments, respectively. The use of organic fertilizer as integrated with chemical fertilizer can be suitable method for decreasing application of chemical fertilizer to increasing the quantity yield and improvement the quality of sweet corn.
Keyword(s): Grain canned yield,macro-nutrients,organic fertilizer,nitrogen
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