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Journal:   PLANT ECOPHYSIOLOGY (ARSANJAN BRANCH)   summer 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 33 ; Page(s) 23 To 33.

The effect of nitrogen biological and chemical fertilizers on savory in north of Khuzestan

Author(s):  Yazdi O., ALAEI SH., Rahmany H.
In order to evaluate the different treatment of nitroxin bio-fertilizer combined with nitrogen fertilizer on yield of savory an experiment was conducted based randomized complete block design at research farm of Islamic Azad University Branch is located in the north of Khuzestan in 2014-2015. The treatments were 50% chemical fertilizer and 50% bio-fertilizer to irrigation systems, use of 100% biofertilizer to irrigation, use of chemical fertilizers by 50% and 50% bio-fertilizer to seed treatment method +Irrigation, seed treatment use 100% bio-fertilizer + irrigation method, using 100% chemical fertilizer, consumption 50% chemical fertilizer and 50% bio-fertilizer to seed treatment method, using 100% biofertilizer to seed treatment method and control (without chemical and bio-fertilizer ). In this experiment, it was found that the use of 50% chemical fertilizers with 50% Bio-fertilizer hundred in seed treatment method increases the amount of chlorophyll and the leaf area index. It also uses 100% chemical fertilizer to increase the number of leaves per plant, fresh weight and the height. The maximum of dry weight and yield essential oils in plants grown on 100% bio-fertilizer treatments by seed treatment rates, respectively 0. 9933g and 9. 02 kg per hectare compared to control. Results of this study indicate that the use of biofertilizer alone or combined with chemical fertilizers have a positive effects to improve the growth characteristics and yield on savory planting. Instead of continuous use Chemical fertilizers can be moved by optimized using organic inputs in sustainable agriculture.
Keyword(s): Nitroxin,medicinal plant,sustainable agriculture,urea,yield
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