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Journal:   JOURNAL OF RANGELAND SCIENCE   2019 , Volume 9 , Number 1 #r00477; Page(s) 40 To 51.

Impact of Organic, Inorganic and Superabsorbent Polymer Materials on Soil Properties under Plant Community of Nitraria schoberi in Deserts of Semnan, Iran

* Desert Studies Faculty, Semnan University, Iran
Improving water use efficiency and soil properties are two major factors for sustainable development in desert areas. Therefore, this research aims to study the effectiveness of a biological hydrogel, plant vegetation layer, sand and barley straw with rain harvesting techniques through micro-catchment operation on some soil properties including pH, Nitrogen, Electrical conductivity, Sodium Absorption Ratio, Phosphorous, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Organic Matter and Soil moisture under cultivation of Nitraria schoberi. using a split plot design with micro-catchment at two levels as main factor and mulch treatment in five levels as sub factor using a completely randomized block in three replications for 2 years (2015 to 2016) in Natural Resources Research Station, Semnan, Iran. Data analysis was carried out using software SAS 9. 1. The results of the analysis of variance showed that main effect of Micro-catchment was significant only for organic matter (P<0. 01). The main effect of mulch treatments was significant for all of traits (P<0. 01) except soil Ca and OM. Also, all four mulch treatments held significantly more moisture as compared to the control. The mulch by environment interaction effect was significant for EC, N, and Mg2+ (P<0. 05) and Na+ and Ca2+ (P<0. 01). Thus, considering the effects of present mulch on soil factors types and soil moisture, and considering the price, availability and conditions of the area, they can be used to restore these areas biologically. Considering the abundance of sand mineral matters and straw in the country and cost of each material, the use of sand and straw in comparison with the Plantbac and bio-hydrogel will be more economical. If the purpose is to produce herbal essences or certain enzymes from the plant due to high value of sales of these materials, Plantbac and bio-hydrogel may be applied as an amendment.
Keyword(s): Amendments,Soil properties,Nitraria schoberi,Semnan
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