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Journal:   INNOVATION & CREATIVITY IN HUMAN SCIENCE   fall 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 229 To 263.

The study relationship between Transformational Leadership and organizational indifference with the role of creativity in employees (Case Study: Employees of Lorestan University)

Author(s):  NIKPAY IRAJ, Zand karimi Maryam
Perpose: This study aimed to investigate impact Transformational Leadership and organizational indifference with the role of creativity in employees. Method: This research is of descriptive correlational study. Research community is included all employees of lorestan university in the year of 1396 in khorramabad city whom were 575 people. The statistical sample was 234 people. Finding: For data collection questionnaires, Transformational Leadership Bass and Avolio (2000) with alpha (0. 92), organizational indifference danaeefard, hasanzadeh & salariye(1389) with alpha (0. 95) and creativity Torrance (1974)with alpha (0. 97) was used. For data analysis of structural equation modeling using pls was used. The results show that Transformational Leadership directly (β =-0. 446) is effective on organizational indifference. Transformational Leadership directly (β = 0. 426) is effective on creativity. creativity directly (β =-0. 456) is effective on organizational indifference. also the impact of Transformational Leadership on organizational indifference indirectly(β =-0. 446) and indirectly(β =-0. 194) by mediator variable creativity (β =-0. 64). Conclusion: In this regard, when the employees' creativity as a mediating variable in the equation is treated with more power. In other words it can be said that Transformational with role mediator creativity by decrease organizational indifference between employee.
Keyword(s): organizational indifference,transformational leadership,Creativity
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